Saturday, December 5, 2009

Making a Garland from Cranberries and Popcorn

My parents didn't have a lot of money when I was little, but my Mom always made the holidays fun for us kids! One of my favorite Christmas memories was making cranberry and popcorn garlands for the tree.

First, Mom would buy fresh cranberries from our local grocery store and then we would cook lots of popcorn, right from the stove and in a big pot! Not from a bag tossed in the microwave! Come on now, how many times do kids make popcorn the old fashion way these days! This in itself will be a memorable event!

To string the Cranberries and Popcorn you will also need a large needle and some dental floss or fishing line. Watch out with those needles with the kiddo's though...I do remember pricking my fingers ...a lot! We used plain old sewing thread when were where kids too, but I think the latter will work better. It won't break as easily and won't twist up as much either.

And then, away you go, stringing the berries and the popcorn! My sister and I would sit for hours (could have been know...being a kid and all, lol) just making this garland. What a great memory!

Remember to Make Everyday, A Child's Play Kinda Day!

Merry Christmas!!
Ms. Laura

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