Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

Wow! Christmas time seems like it takes forever to arrive and then "Bam" it's gone! It happens so fast and ends so quickly, to me anyway! Now we are on the threshold of a New Year! Another Wow! 2010, can you believe it!?

So much has gone on this last year in Our lives and the Nations lives. Good and Bad, but mostly I'd like to think Good. I like the little diddy or song that says "You can't have a Rainbow, without a little rain!" I personally would like "less" rain this year, but "more" rainbows! ;) God is funny that way, because you can't have those wonderful moments of beautiful rainbows unless you have a little rain first. I guess we really do appreciate them far more that way. He always does know what's best! ;)

May God bless each of Us in this New Year with Rainbow Blessings, Excellent Health, Butterflies in Your Tummy Love, Safety for Our Families and Country, and Extreme Abundance!


            Thank You For Blessing My Life With Your Friendship!
                                            Ms. Laura
                            Make Everyday A Child's Play Day!

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