Monday, December 21, 2009

I SPY Christmas Ornaments

I LOVE "I Spy" books! They are written by Jean Marzollo and we have had almost all of them! But sadly as my kids grew, I passed the books on to their younger family members. I still Love them, though! I guess I'll  never grow that bad? I don't think so!


I like just looking at all the wonderful goodies that Jean uses in her books. I always wondered how the "I Spy" books where made, did you too? Where in the world does she find all of those neat things? Where does she keep them when she isn't using them for her books? Questions I pondered!

Well, in all actuality the wonderful photographs are created by Walter Wick and then Jean writes the riddles that go with them! What a wonderful collaboration!

On Jean's site her fans came up with a great Christmas gift idea! Ms.Pamela Squires and Ms.Ranee Lyman Valentine made "I Spy Ornaments!" They are truly fabulous! She has even made up a little poem to go with the gift! (see below)

Using empty craft ornament balls she filled one half way with sparkling Polypellets, which she found at Walmart in the craft section. I would think you could also use artificial snow if you couldn't find the pellets. Then she put in her "I Spy" items, glued the halves together, added a beautiful Christmas ribbon and the poem.
© Ranee Lyman Valentine and Pamela Squires 2009

Here is the poem :
"I spy 2 snowflakes, a star from the night, A golden ring, and a Christmas light; A holly leaf, a snowman, a little white dove, 2 bells, a present, and a heart full of love."

For more information on this neat-o Christmas craft click here !


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                         Merry Christmas Blessings to You and Your Family!
               Ms. Laura



  1. We love ISpy books here too! Those snowball ornaments are really fun! :>

  2. I love I Spy books too! What a clever idea the I Spy Ornaments are! Thank you for sharing!