Friday, November 25, 2011


If y'all remember, I am a Independent Consultant for Story Time Felts and More! I personally think we have the most beautiful felts around. They are  made in America out of super soft 1/4 inch flannel and they are even washable!

  Today Story Time Felts is having their MOST "Awesomest" Sale of the year! It's the first time Story Time Felts has ever had a BLACK FRIDAY Sale! So you know they are going to do it BIG! Now, if you haven't been watching my facebook page, I'm going to show you a few of the fabulous goodies up for SALE! This sale is going on now until 11:pm tonight over at my Story Time Felts & More's Consultants website!

First up is the Aesop's Fables w/CD Set
                                                                         Regular Price $34.99    
                                                                        Special Price  $19.99 uncut

Aesop first told these fables in the 7th century BC, and we still tell them to our children today! These Stories teach valuable lessons such as "honesty is the best policy" and many, many more. There are 15 fables in all. Book includes five felt pages, 57 felt figures, stories, and the CD

Fashion Dolls Uncut
Regular Price: $17.99
Special Price: $11.99

On the job or on the slopes, on the town or on the beach this set is sure to make any young lady very happy! Felt dolls are so much better than paper dolls! Girls will have hours and "years" of fun because of our felts durably! Forty items of clothing and four beautiful dolls on regular felt offer dozens of dress combinations! 

Classic Fairy Tales
Regular Price: $27.99
Special Price: $19.99 / uncut

Five all time favorite fairy tales can be told with this comprehensive set. You and your child or children can tell these fabulous favorites:
* Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
* The 3 Little Pigs
* The Gingerbread Man (my favorite!!)
* Billy Goats Gruff
* Little Red Riding Hood

And here are a few more: 

Baby Kari
Crazy Good Deal
Regular Price: $27.99
Special Price: $6.99


Regular Price: $24.99
Special Price: $14.99

Regular Price: $11.99
Special Price: $ 5.99 

Friend Dolls
Regular Price: $3.99 each
Special Price: $2.00 each

And those are just a few! We have "3" pages filled with "going, going until they're gone items!!

Hurry over to my Consultant  Page HERE and click Shop! Then Click on the BLACK FRIDAY button on the top left! If you need any help with your orders or have any questions please contact me at:

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Found Freebies!

Are you a Freebie Lover like me? I bet you are ;) Most Mommies and Teachers LOVE anything Free! Right? Oh Yeah! Here is an excellent site with LOTS of Fantastic FREE goodies! It's called:


It has lots and lots of fabulous printables! Like...


 Alphabet Printables           


Plus Lots More!

Now, scoot over there and get yourself some awesome Freebies and don't forget to share ! ;) 

Make Every Day a Child's Play Day!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Circle Time Seating Idea

I know Ms Deborah's post from Teach Preschool will be all over Facebook today, because this idea is SO awesome!

(picture from

Circle Time is a great way to start your day at school, but sometimes not everyone is happy about where they end up sitting! The complaints I've heard.... "I can't see you Ms. Laura because ______ is too big!" or "_____ is touching me!" or "I'm being smushed!" or "I can't hear you Ms. Laura because _____ won't stop talking to me!"

I know we have all tried different ways to get the kids sitting comfortably and paying attention during Circle Time, right? I've tried putting tape strips on the carpet with their names. I've tried using contact paper pictures with their names on it, but they don't stay long and well, it kind of messes up the rug too!

I've "chalked" seating spots; used laminated construction paper and mini note pads with Velcro on the back and I've even purchased mini rugs, BUT this idea that came from someone on her Teach Preschool Facebook page is Rocking!!

                                               Using Place Mats to Sit On!

 Is that a crazy good idea or what?! You know it is! Wow! I can't believe I had never thought of using them! Wow!

What ideas have you tried to control seating at Circle Time? Please share! :)

                                     Thanks! Have a Child's Play Day!