Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghost Rhyming Game

I made this game myself and wanted to get at least "1" cute item on the blog before the end of Halloween! I barely made it didn’t I? Gees! I hope you like it . 

I scanned the images and printed out a set for my Mom's class. They came out just fine, yeah! I used white tag-board and will of course laminate them for durability. I stored them in a little velour pumpkin bag that I picked up last year at the Dollar Tree. Sorry there isn’t a picture of it because my Hubby took the camera to the hunting camp! Go figure!


Ghost/Toast & Thumb/Drum

Flag/Bag & Door/Store

Pig/Wig & Wink/Drink

Skate/Gate & Mice/Ice

Cheese/Squeeze & Soap/Rope

Moon/Spoon & Truck/Duck



                                                Happy Halloween!


  1. I love the ghost rhyming game. Great idea!!!

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for mentioning so many of my projects on Facebook! You are awesome! :)

  3. Great activity-could be adopted to any holiday! Perfect for Dr. Suess this week! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the facebook shout out!

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