Friday, September 24, 2010

An All About Me "Ms. Laura" Book

When my class did our "All About Me" unit each child made their own book at home, with the help of their parents. I scheduled a few kids at a time to bring their books, so they could "read" them to the class. This way I wouldn't be overwhelmed with having all of them at once. Each book was unique in its own way and totally fabulous! I so wished I had taken pictures of each and every one, but I didn't! Teachers and parents, take pictures of everything, seriously! Living in this digital age it now can be done and stored on a disk! I love that! But, when I was a younger teacher I couldn't afford to take so many pictures. I did get help from the parents via my Giving Tree.

I made a tree into a "Giving Tree" bulletin board and placed it right by my front door. It was simply an apple tree poster that I had gotten from Scholastic. I put apples, which I cut from tag board, on the tree. Each apple had different things we needed or used often in our class! The parents could just grab one on their way out and it worked very well. I never had to ask for stuff very often...well not much anyway ;)

But, back to the All About Me books! I made this one 12 years ago, so don't giggle too hard at the pics! Thank you ;) My own kids still get a good laugh at it today. It has become a mini scrapbook in time for us. Each page is in the shape of an apple, which I made from red poster board. But any shape would work just find. One of my students made their book using the different letters in their name. It was really cool! (I wished I had thought of that) I laminated my pages and brought the whole thing to Kinko's to have it bound. It wasn't much and it has lasted all this time, even with many little hands flipping through it over and over again! It was well worth the cost.

Looking back, I wished I hadn't handwritten the wording but would have printed it out with the computer. That way I could have caught any typos too. Gees! And it would have been more uniformed and much neater looking. I decided on the content from a page that I will add at the bottom. So here it is, just to get your brain brimming with ideas on what YOU could do!



Here is the page I sent home for the parents. It is from Leap Frog Press, now known as Frogstreet Press! Yup it's that old! ;)

And here is a fabulous link up to another great PDF file/printable on All About Me!

And here are some more links to sites with All About Me Ideas:

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  1. Love it - love it - love it - and plan to do it!!

  2. stopped by through Teach Preschool FB...I like the handwriting...makes it more personal! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Deborah and Desiree for the comment! I'd love to see yours when you are done! :)

  4. Hi Laura,

    I could not find your "email," contact info. So I'm hoping you'll receive this info here! :)

    I have "printables," website that I have just expanded to include a "preschool activities," section. I have just added two, new completely free units, "Jungle-Jungle," and "Apples," that can be printed here:

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    There are many other free printbles up as well and I plan to expand our "free," section monthly as well.

    I would love it if you could share this info with your readers or Facebook Fans.



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