Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Circle Time Seating Idea

I know Ms Deborah's post from Teach Preschool will be all over Facebook today, because this idea is SO awesome!

(picture from

Circle Time is a great way to start your day at school, but sometimes not everyone is happy about where they end up sitting! The complaints I've heard.... "I can't see you Ms. Laura because ______ is too big!" or "_____ is touching me!" or "I'm being smushed!" or "I can't hear you Ms. Laura because _____ won't stop talking to me!"

I know we have all tried different ways to get the kids sitting comfortably and paying attention during Circle Time, right? I've tried putting tape strips on the carpet with their names. I've tried using contact paper pictures with their names on it, but they don't stay long and well, it kind of messes up the rug too!

I've "chalked" seating spots; used laminated construction paper and mini note pads with Velcro on the back and I've even purchased mini rugs, BUT this idea that came from someone on her Teach Preschool Facebook page is Rocking!!

                                               Using Place Mats to Sit On!

 Is that a crazy good idea or what?! You know it is! Wow! I can't believe I had never thought of using them! Wow!

What ideas have you tried to control seating at Circle Time? Please share! :)

                                     Thanks! Have a Child's Play Day!



  1. Haha - I am glad you liked the idea! I think the one thing to think about is having lots of colors or only one color. The children will argue about the color of mat they get to sit on:)

  2. Laura..... I just wanted to pop through and thank you for your support of my INDIE-winning picture book & thank you for joining the effort to tell others of this project.

    Hopefully with the energy of the cyber-cloud there will be additional teachers aware of my resource, "Red, White and Blue." I'm so grateful for your continued support and encouragement.

    I'm glad to see you back at the helm!!

  3. that is so cute i love that they are colorful! i love her site too! i used to use those nylon woven rugs that were $1 apiece at dollar tree! thanks for the follow!! am following you now too!

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