Monday, August 9, 2010

School Has Begun!

My son started school last Thursday and my daughter started today! Where did the summer go?? This is the first time we didn't even get away for a "mini" vacation! My Grand has been sick, I was working a second job, hubby was working too and our favorite spots on the gulf were closed due to BP's oil spill!!

Ever since the kids were little we have always managed to get away for at least a weekend, but not this year! So sad! Poor things don't even have anything to write about for their "What Did You Do This Summer" essay! Hopefully we will get to plan one for Labor day! I hope so! I really, really hope so! All work and No play makes a Mama and her kiddos "Grumpy!" ;)

I hope those of you who still have some time left before school starts, get to enjoy a little family summer fun!


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