Friday, July 30, 2010

Cancer Sucks!

My daughter and I visited my Grand today, she was awake and alert, but barely. This strong, dynamic, classy lady has simply "melted" away, right before our eyes! In 9 months she has lost so much weight and become so thin that the veins in her hands are bugling out.

She is slowly drifting away from us ...body, mind and soul. It is heart wrenching to watch and brings me to tears every time I say goodbye, not knowing if "this" will be the last time I see her! Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease! :(



  1. I totally agree!! My Dad passed from bone & lung cancer 3 years ago & it still breaks my heart :(
    Keeping you & yours in my Prayers.

  2. I am sorry to hear about that - it is an awful illness. My heart and prayers go out to you too...

  3. Thanks for the prayers Tango and Deborah! They are very much appreciated!