Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow! Blogging is Hard!

I just never realized that blogging would be so hard!I belong to some pretty awesome blogs and they all seem to make this look so easy! It seems like each one of them have the "gift!" Me, I'm not so sure!

How do they come up with topics to discuss? When do they find time to do everything...the thoughts,the photo's, the researching, the posting, the spell checking (Thank You Myra!) along with working, cleaning, cooking, shopping and everyday stuff? It's really a lot harder then I thought!

I would like to share "Links" that I find, those that I have used or others that I found to be useful. I wanted to share ideas I've had over the years and things I've done with my PreK classes...but All of my stuff is still packed up! :( I want to share "People" that I've found on the web and fell in Love with! There are SO many Moms/ Teachers/ Crafters and wonderfully beautiful people in the blogging world and I would love to share them with You. But is this type of sharing...Blogging?

The art of blogging is a magical place to be! There is so much to learn and so much to do! I would really appreciate ANY input you could give me on "How I should go about this or what you think about it!" Thank you SO very much for following me and I hope I don't disappoint you!


Ms. Laura


  1. Oh you quit you're whining! Would you like some cheese with that whine? lol

    I read your blog and you're doing just fine! The trick for me is I don't get caught up into what everyone is doing. YOU are your unique individual. If everyone wanted to read the same material they'd only follow one or two blogs. I only post weekly or twice a week if I'm feeling really good. It keeps my readers from feeling bombarded and it keeps me with fresh material. Have you ever watched your kids and had a "seriously, what is your deal moment?", or something or someone really made you mad? Or something was so crazy wonderful you just had to tell someone? That is when and how I write.

    Today one of my students learned to swing. I've been trying to teach him for weeks. I noticed there are certain steps they must learn before they can actually master swinging. I'll probably blog about that...I thought that was some pretty deep thinking! Just have fun!

    Yours in blogging,
    Centers and Circle Time

  2. I began blogging in September, and I find that it takes A LOT of my time - especially since I post almost every day. In fact, it often takes time from working on my children's books.

    I'd love to read a blog about someone learning to swing. I remember my children finally making the connection and being able to do it. They gain such a sense of satisfaction.

  3. I think blogging is hard too! I think of all these ideas but then I can't find a picture or once I start - it doesn't sound so good after all. Myra is right - you just have to be yourself and not worry about the other blogs. I am still waiting for that post on swings from Myra:) She definitely blogs at her own pace!

  4. I think your doing great! Do things at your own pace. Trial & error! I love to learn things & google is my friend!