Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays Everybody!!

Can you believe it! Thanksgiving holidays are here and the kids are out of school for a whole week! What to do, What to do? How will I keep them entertained and busy? My kiddo's are 13 and 15 and they say they are too old for "My" idea of fun! HA! I love making goodies and decorating for the holidays! My kids...not so much!

We used to have loads of fun when they where younger or at least I thought we were! I wanted to make memories for them and hopefully when they have their own kid's they will remember what fun we did have! Right now they are "Teenagers!" UGH! Just when I thought we could do more, because they are older and we can "go" places, do more things and make more things...they become the "T" word! Oh, what a twisted turn of fate! Just kidding! I'm gonna "make" them have fun if it kills us all! :)

Make Today A Child's Play Day!

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