Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scholastic Marketing

Hi Y'all!

Yes, if you didn't already know, I am a southerner! I just received this advertisement from Scholastic and No, I am not a paid spokesmen for the product. But, I have used Similasan before and by Joe, it Works! Finally an over-the-counter medicine for Ear-aches! Some of you may not know about it, so that is why I've posted it.

My daughter gets ear infections every time she gets a cold! We all hoped she would grow out of this, but she hasn't yet. She just turned "13" and guess what... she had a to go to the Doctors ON her birthday! Bless her heart! Making the big "13" , becoming a real teenager and being sick was not exactly what she had in mind! It was not her idea of a very good birthday present!

Turns out she had a Sinus infection, which also turned into an Ear infection! Thank heavens for the medication and the Similasan. It really helped with the pain and for that I was extremely happy! So was she....Bless Her Heart! :)

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