Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monster's Everywhere!

I am so excited about my favorite book, "Where The Wild Things Are", being turned into a movie! I have loved that book , since I started teaching Pre-K at the young age of 18! Oh yeah, that was a long time ago! ;)

I even used the book for a class project, during my short college days. The class was Voice and Diction, the project was to show the use of inflection in speaking. We had to choose an article or something and read it out loud, using what we had learned. What a prefect book for that! The book was a hit and I got an A! :)

It was the scariest thing I had ever done, at the time! Standing up in front of a classroom full of people, was not something I was very good at! I had to put in ALL that inflection and emotion to get the grade! I felt like a big goof-ball! But we get older and life throws us other scary kids and husbands!

So in honor of the Movie, "Where The Wild Things Are" here are some great links for totally awesome craft ideas and lesson plans!

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